GBIT Consulting Ltd

Global Business & IT Consulting Limited is an ERP Consulting, Outsourcing and accredited specialist Training Institute. It was established primarily to deliver proactive SAP ERP solution, and we are very versatile with business process management and Enterprise Resource Planning implantation.
We are a diverse information technology professional services company founded on the vision of providing our clients with platforms and enabling environment to achieve competitive business advantage through deployment of sound technological architecture, adherence to globally accepted IT Governance Standards and Guidelines, and continuous assessment of operational models to sustain business unique selling edges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide simplified business process solutions and training in ERP to our clients, along with imparting best-practices, developing techniques to help produce efficient, affordable, and accurate services.

Our Approach

It is our approach to empower people to transform service delivery by imploring processes using innovative technology and domain knowledge.

Our Team

GBIT Consulting Ltd has a team of experienced, committed and passionate consultants specialising in SAP and other business IT solutions poised to drive innovation and automate your core processes. Our management and Advisory Board consist of eminent and experienced IT Consultants with more than 15 years in ICT solutions.